In this Blog you will find a new point of view on our beloved Dodgers. Finally there is an outlet for the fans who are not residents of Southern California. At one time in history the Dodgers were a national franchise, and each year that I visit Vero Beach I am reminded of that fact. My name is Dodger Eaton, I am a student at Penn State University, and an officer in the United States Army. I would like to view my opinions on the Dodgers as accurate and well thought out. I spend fifty percent of my time on the computer writing papers for class. The other half is spent on researching baseball, with a large portion devoted to the Boys of Summer. The Dodgers are once again on the rise, after more than a decade of postseason agony, we have made it to the show twice in the past three years. This is all I have for now but there are many more posts on the way. I hope that readers enjoy my viewpoint and begin to realize that the Dodgers were once an east coast team.